As there are constant complaints about the way we handle mental health let me say that my mental health has been affected by the way, for a long time now, I have been being bullied and told I am stupid and do not understand anything.

Why was this happening, you may ask? Because I am a Brexiteer.

Well, we who have been bullied, called racist and stupid proved we were right on Thursday with the biggest vote for decades to endorse our original vote in 2016.

I have actually woken up with hope in my heart for the first time for many months - hope for my blessed country and our future. This result is wonderful news. It isn’t just about leaving the EU, it is an utter repudiation of the socialist vision for our future that Corbyn and his Marxist acolytes had planned for us.

It is the worst Labour result for decades and it will herald the destruction of the Labour party in its present form and of Momentum. This is the moment when the UK resumes its place in the wider world. Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get cracking!

Judith Morris,

Moorland Road, York

The political world has gone topsy turvy

It’s a volte farce.

The Tories are now the party of the working man while Labour is the party of the Metropolitan middle class. It could have been a lot worse, however - at least we still have a thin red line and a sturdy yellow gate against the blue hordes of populism.

I wonder if Workington man will still love Boris tomorrow, after his pay is cut at source for health insurance, his mortgage and tax increases, his hospitals and schools crumble, his heating, food bills, fuel and transport costs rise on a daily basis, his newspapers spew propaganda, his privacy is increasingly invaded and he is having to learn Russian by candlelight after working a three day week.

Brian McCusker, Hartoft Street, York

A storming victory for common sense

Following on from Boris Johnson’s storming victory for common sense and democracy, it did not surprise me one bit that in an interview afterwards Jon Lansman, the founder of Momentum (the hard left force behind Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell) had absolutely no idea as to why Labour lost the General Election so dismally. Maybe he needs a reality check. Who with any grey matter between the ears would vote for a political party leader who has in the past supported terrorists, turned a blind eye to antisemitism, and is a self confessed Marxist?

Corbyn and his team were also guilty of misogyny towards some of their own Labour women Members of Parliament and also other parties’ female MPs. Throw in the indecision of Labour on Brexit and the party created the perfect storm for themselves to have the worst result since 1935.

Get rid of Momentum, get rid of the Communists Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbot, and bring back real Labour Party people such as John Mann and Alan Johnson, who represented moderate Labour Policy for the working man as opposed to those running Labour now.

Bob Waite,

Holgate, York

We’ve all been taken for mugs - by the Tories

Peter Rickaby (Letters, December 14) is quite right. The election result shows that the public are not the mugs that Labour and the Lib Dems took them to be. Definitely not. They are the mugs the Conservatives took them to be.

Peter Hollindale,

Grange Garth, York

Remain MPs failed to do the job we pay them for

At last some stability has been restored to British politics - which should now mean we don’t need any elections in the near future.

Much will be debated by the losing sides about what went wrong and who’s to blame. No need, the result can be condensed into a very simple argument. Being an MP is a job where the electorate is the employer, and in any other job wilfully failing to follow the reasonable instructions of your employer constitutes gross misconduct, punishable by immediate dismissal.

That’s exactly what’s happened to those parties that had the insolence to challenge the instruction of the referendum, and it serves them right. The moral of the story for new and returning members of the Commons couldn’t be clearer. Do as we tell you in future or we will remove you from office.

I wouldn’t bet on this lesson being remembered for long though. As for myself, I’d like to express my gratitude to the 692 people who voted for me in York Outer. I hope to offer them an alternative choice again in the future.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe

Thank you to Labour voters who went Tory

We all owe a big thank you to Labour voters who held their nose and voted Conservative to keep Corbyn out. Even though he won’t admit it he is the reason Labour lost so badly. Their common sense also means Boris will now have the £10 billion a year we pay to the EU to use for all our benefit.

Share the joy at the Osbaldwick Inaugural Santa Run for kids and adults alike on Saturday, December 21, 10.15am at The Derwent Arms in the village.The RI development Brass Band will be playing.

John Zimnoch,

Osbaldwick, York