Something really must be done on York’s appalling city centre road congestion with its inherent pollution - particularly in the Lendal Bridge vicinity.

When the proposals for restrictions were instigated a few years ago I was very much against it as it seemed another money grabbing punitive exercise against the motorist. But now, I have to concede, we should act, as the city is choking in particulates.

I made a journey to Duncombe Place and because of heavy traffic and traffic light hold ups I switched off the engine at least ten times from Nunnery Lane onwards in an effort to minimise my CO2 output. That was at least ten minutes of clean air. Recently I made journeys from Bishopthorpe to Acomb and counted 18 speed bumps and 12 ramps. The 1812 is a great overture - but what an abomination these ramps are for pollution, back problems and tyre wall damage.

If we were to build 500 new houses off Moor Lane and 350 at Imphal Barracks it would bring York to a grinding standstill. Is it now time York motorists adopted alternative days for city centre travel use based on odd and even registration numbers or - dare I suggest it - even a congestion charge for certain hours?

Keith Massey,

Bishopthorpe, York