Given the recent NHS horror stories used for political purposes during the general election I would like to relate my recent very positive experience of York District Hospital’s A&E Department.

When my elderly mother was taken in by ambulance she was immediately put in a cubicle and attended by caring staff, seen by a doctor within about 90 minutes and whisked off for a chest X-ray.

The doctor then diagnosed the problem and offered his prognosis, ensuring that we were fully informed. The nurses also could not have done more to ensure mum was comfortable. Upon overhearing mum ask me to get her a packet of crisps as she was hungry one of them offered to provide some and returned with tea and a sandwich, as well as the crisps. She then fetched a pillow and moved mum into a more comfortable position.

That nurse deserves a Nurse of the Year Award. I shall not name and fame her but I hope she reads this letter. I cannot praise the A&E staff enough. They dispense the highest standard of care and are an absolute credit to the NHS.

York citizens can rest assured that if they ever have the misfortune to be admitted there they could not be in more caring or capable hands.

Mick Britton,

Canary Court,