THE Guildhall, York Minster and the city’s jumble of rooftops have seldom looked better than in this stunning 1964 photograph from our archives.

There is so much that can be seen in this photo: the old Rowntree factory on Tanner’s Moat in the foreground; the Guildhall graceful and shining almost like silver just across the river; St Wilfrid's RC church in Duncombe Place to the left; the Heworth gasworks in the distance to the right; and, of course, rising above all, the Minster itself.

What we can’t understand is where the photograph was taken from. Had it been taken a few years later - in 1969, rather than 1964 - we'd have said it showed the view across the river from the top of the newly-built Viking Hotel. But that hotel wasn't built in 1964. So either the date of the photograph is wrong, or the photograph was taken from one of the buildings that was cleared to make way for the hotel. Any thoughts, anyone?

Stephen Lewis