Cllr Paul Doughty was quoted in the Press (REVEALED: Areas of York with roads in the worst condition, December 9) as saying that 'Roads are a priority for.......York Conservatives'.

In 2017, I submitted a petition on behalf of residents to City of York Council to get Moor Lane and Princess Road in Strensall fully resurfaced. At that time, Conservative Ian Gillies held the transport portfolio and both Strensall councillors were Conservatives, including Cllr Doughty himself.

No action was forthcoming on these roads or any others in Strensall in that year.

Since being elected in 2019, I have again formally requested that these two roads be fully resurfaced, preferably as soon as any development has been completed on the site of the former Moorlands Care Home, so as not to disturb the new surface during construction work.

The parish council, which I chair, has also requested several schemes to be undertaken to improve roads in Strensall, including a pedestrian crossing on York Road. But instead, the Conservative councillors wasted almost £20,000 on dropped kerbs and wooden bollards which have achieved nothing.

It would appear that the condition of the roads is a priority when the Conservatives are just two members in opposition. It's a pity it wasn't when they led the council.

Cllr Tony Fisher

Liberal Democrat councillor, Strensall

West End, Strensall