DEMAND for practical help to improve the health and wellbeing of workers has led to the launch of a new company in York.

Positive Effect works directly with business owners and managers to ensure employees are happy in the workplace, from front line staff to chief executive officers.

The team say the results can be powerful in improving employee productivity, efficiency, engagement and job satisfaction.

Positive Effect brings together specialists across the public health and private sector and aims to provide a holistic approach, with practical, low cost or no-cost solutions.

The company will use audits and online staff surveys on wellbeing to help evidence and prioritise an organisation’s needs which could then be addressed by simple changes in policy or procedure.

Training, workshops and awareness sessions are also available, focussing on positive mental health and lifestyle behaviours. Modules look at sleep, diet, fitness and prescribed medication, alcohol, smoking and drugs awareness.

CEO Rachel Bundock said: “We have seen a strong demand for practical health and wellbeing solutions from industry, particularly isolated occupational groups where the operating environment can significantly affect their health and wellbeing and from organisations with large numbers of lone workers.

"We aim to bring about real change in organisational culture from the CEO right through to the people on the front line.

“Mental health doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone, at any stage in life. Through audit, online wellbeing surveys completed by the workforce population to help evidence and prioritise needs and training and awareness sessions, employers and designated employees are in a better position to provide real support for those colleagues in need.”

Emma Tymon, project manager, said: “We are offering free consultations for any organisation to review their current situation. Our approach is to offer pragmatic and proportionate services and tools that can make a big difference with simple, cost-effective changes which will deliver positive results for business KPIs.”

York-based Positive Effect is a trading arm of health and wellbeing charity Compass, which started in 1986 as a drug resource scheme. Today, Compass delivers wide-ranging services to support positive lifestyle behaviours.

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