I’m disgusted by ‘no table for one’ greed

I write in response to the letter by Phil Maddock (You should be ashamed of yourself, York, December 6). I’m sure I am not alone in expressing my disgust at the sheer greed displayed by some of York’s restaurateurs in refusing to serve this lady.

This is discrimination. It’s difficult enough coming to terms with the death of a loved one without having to hurdle this new type of ‘ism’. Surely it wouldn’t have dented profits too seriously to have shown a bit of compassion and allowed this lady to have had some lunch.

Shame on the lot of you. I hope you all have a lousy Christmas.

W Martin, Holgate, York

Restaurants should be named and shamed

After reading Phil Maddock’s letter describing the disgraceful treatment shown to his mother by the restaurateurs in our city, who would blame her for never wanting to return to York?

It’s a shame that these restaurants were not named in the letter, as I am sure come January and February they would be only too pleased to have one person sitting at their tables.

P Greenfield, Burnholme, York

I’ve never been refused a table for one in York

I go to quite a few cafes and restaurants by myself and I have never been refused in York - in fact l have had an excellent welcome at Plonkers, The Ivy and Bettys to name just a few. I am sorry about this lady’s last experience but I live in York and have always found it a most sociable city.

Robert Greaves,

Alder Way,

New Earswick, York