I wonder what the ‘York Narrative’ (Narrative aims to boost funds, December 4) will say in a couple of decades time when talking about the present day activities?

In all probability it will be referred to as the ‘time our heritage was forgotten, when building lines were forgotten, high rise flats and hotels blackened the skyline, the medieval streets were cut off from sunlight and darkness prevailed’.

Where on earth are we taking our city? Why do we need ‘experts’ to come from other featureless towns to tell us what and how to alter things? We should be doing it ourselves.

Please don’t say we don’t have the talent, even worse don’t say it was by public consultation.

I said in these columns a few months ago the Castle Gateway exercise of sticky post-it labels on clip boards covered every possible idea and we would finish up with what the so called expert suggested at first. I’m afraid it looks like that will happen.

The next thing on the horizon is the Castle Museum extension. What are the odds on it taking up a large area of the old car park and devouring a large piece of the green space that a vast majority of citizens wanted?

Its a sad fact that our councillors are too occupied with point scoring over each other and using their positions as ticks on political CVs to worry about what is happening to the basic foundations of our city,

Brian Watson,

Beckfield Lane, York