AN INNOVATIVE snack company near York has launched the UK's first microwaveable Pork Crackle product into Sainsburys.

Kings Elite Snacks, at Moor Monkton, is supporting the launch with a six-figure marketing campaign.

Kings produce meat and protein snacks, such as vegan jerky, wagyu biltong and salmon jerky.

Company general manager and founder of the Kings brand Charlie Simpson-Daniel said: “This takes pork crackle to a whole new level. Normal crackle is air popped/fried in big factories, cooled down and then packaged and can take two to three months to reach a customer’s taste buds.

"With Kings Crackle you get to air pop yourself in a microwave which means when you eat it, it’s piping hot, 100 per cent fresh and crackles loudly almost like a log in a fire does. Best of all apart from the incredible taste, it’s 77 per cent protein, and zero sugar so a great snack, especially for those on the ketogenic diet!”