YORK has made the list of the top five most Christmassy places in Britain when it comes to fairy lights.

On average, homes in York have an array of almost 230 festive lights, compared to the national average of 131, according to a study.

York has finished third on the list of the most Christmassy places, with Oxford top and Birmingham at the bottom.

Research for comparison site Moneyexpert.com found that people from York have more baubles on their tree than the national average – 70 compared to 61. The festive light displays are likely to cost households a total of £222 million extra on electricity bills.

More families are putting up light displays outside their home, with one in five lighting up the front of their house.

Jason Smith, CEO of MoneyExpert.com, said: “Loads of households are going one step further with impressive outdoor displays that help to bring the spirit of Christmas to their local communities.”