THE Salvation Army organised a boxing programme to aid those suffering from issues in their lives, to support them in overcoming their problems.

The ‘From One Fight To Another’ event, held at the Huntington Working Mens Club in North Moor Road, was the end result of an eight-week training programme.

Charles Malarkey, early intervention and prevention manager at The Salvation Army said the fighters taking part were doing so to beat issues in their lives, including homelessness and mental health and addiction problems.

He said: “For some of our clients this will be the most positive thing they have ever achieved, coming, as they do, from one of the most marginalised groups in society.

“The impact on their health and wellbeing has been enormous and will continue as they attend training and mentor the next group of fighters.”

Participants avoided alcohol or drug misuse throughout the eight-week training period.

Liam Malarkey, son of Charles and a coach at York Masters Boxing Club, where the fighters were trained, praised both the programme and the event. He said: “This approach is not just an opportunity to do a few rounds, the event is the pinnacle in a campaign of motivation, self-reliance, confidence and fitness building through training.”

Two hundred spectators were in attendance to watch the eight fights between those that had worked over the two months to overcome their problems.

After receiving positive feedback from both fighters and spectators, The Salvation Army are keen to organise a similar event next year.

They are are looking to do so in March and that event would be open to anyone who wants to take part.