At 80 years of age it’s always interesting to listen to the views of young people.

I recently overheard two intelligent 20-year-old men discussing politics over a pint in my local. We have all been young, naive and ambitious, thinking we know the answer to all problems. But listening to these two gave me serious cause for concern. All they could talk about was how, under a Labour Government, life would be a dream.

I wish them luck - it would be a nightmare!

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby

Labour promise the Earth - but who pays? Us

We are once again in the silly season of politicians - mainly Labour - promising students to pay all their fees and wipe the slate clean. When in opposition Labour and Liberal Democrats promise the Earth, knowing they cannot deliver. Students are gullible and listen to this rubbish.

After the war Clement Attlee bankrupted the country. By 1960 under Harold Macmillan we’d never had it so good: the country was looking forward, our parents were back from serving this great country and worked hard for their children,.

In 1964 along came Harold Wilson, who brought in VAT, selective employment tax and capital gains tax and abolished pounds shillings and pence, fuelling inflation. Dennis Healy and James Callaghan as chancellors also bankrupted the country, even going to the IMF to borrow money.

It was Margaret Thatcher who turned the country round. Then Tony Blair came in with Gordon Brown and we sold all our gold at a ridiculously low price, again bankrupting the country.

Every time you get a Labour government that bankrupts the country with outrageous spending plans, as Mr Corbyn is proposing, it takes a Conservative government 10 to 15 years to correct it.

To the electorate and students up and down the country I say: you have been warned. Don’t let Labour or the Lib Dems anywhere near 10 Downing Street.

P Sadd,

Huntington Road, York

A Sadd mistake on ring road blame

P Sadd’s letter (Tuesday December 3) was entirely wrong in trying to pin the responsibility for the current size of York’s outer ring road on the then Labour-controlled York City Council. North Yorkshire County Council, controlled by the Conservatives, was the responsible authority at the time, because it was before the reorganization of local government areas that took the relevant part of the Ryedale Local District and placed it within an extended City of York.

When we bought our house in Earswick in 1981, overlooking the River Foss, our solicitor showed us the plans, which gave both versions of the proposed new road: two dual lanes or two single lanes. My understanding is that the choice of the latter was in fact owing to the unwillingness of NYCC to match the proffered central government spending on the new road.

C Goodhead,

Rowley Court, Earswick, York

The Nasty Party is so hypocritical about racism

What hypocrites those in the Nasty Party are, banging on about antisemitism in the Labour Party when they themselves are so Islamophobic. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Thomas Strong,

Foxwood Lane, York