LOCAL entrepreneur Rachel Clark is seeking to raise the bar of the haircare industry with the launch of a plastic-free shampoo product.

Nut and Noggin shampoo bars have been launched this week, smelling of pomegranate and mint, and using 100 per cent recyclable packaging to avoid plastic.

Rachel, who lives near York, said the new shampoo bar brand sought to reduce the four million plastic shampoo bottles wasted in the UK each year.

The shampoo is made from vegan ingredients and a percentage from each sale will go to charities that help young people facing mental health challenges.

Rachel, who used to work in public relations in the beauty industry, said being environmentally aware was at the forefront of her mind when setting up the business.

She said: “We went to visit manufacturers with our ideas and couldn’t get over how much plastic is used by hair brands.

“We also realised that many shampoos are imported from as far away as the USA, France and New Zealand.

"We wanted to make Nut and Noggin shampoo bars in England, so that’s what we’re doing."

She said the ingredients used were good for hair too. “Many shampoo bars out there contain sulphates and strong scents that don’t smell natural at all. Our first shampoo bar has a gentle pomegranate and mint scent and uses only clean ingredients, like no sulphates, that can really dry out your hair.

“We know if we want to get women to make the switch away from plastic bottles, we can’t compromise on effectiveness, so we’ve formulated a bar that works to give customers soft, shiny hair."

She said Nut and Noggin’s 150g shampoo bar, which costs £15, lasts twice as long as a regular shampoo.

She added: "Initially we’re selling online and on Instagram @nutandnoggin. We're bypassing traditional retailers and expensive advertising, speaking to our customers directly on social media to co-create a new kind of haircare brand.”