My Conservative party leader and prime minister Boris Johnson says he wants to get Brexit done and get on with the country’s priorities: 20,000 new police officers that will make our streets safer; £33 billion extra for the NHS. The Conservatives have cut taxes for hardworking families, got our economy growing again and found more money for schools.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to raise taxes to the highest level in peacetime history. He wants to put politicians in charge of our trains, water and energy. Jeremy Corbyn wants to abandon NATO, abolish Trident and spend over £1 trillion pounds and he wants you to pay for it.

Terry Smith, Fourth Avenue, Heworth, York

We built homes after the war. Why can’t we today?

On November 29 I received a letter from Boris Johnson asking me to use my postal vote for Julian Sturdy in York Outer: I presume his party acquired a list of postal votes from City of York Council (and paid for this) and that this accords with the Data Protection Act.

His letter was too late as my postal vote was already on its way to West Offices as I am not influenced by debates on TV but the actions or inactions of Government in office.

My first postal vote was in 1945 when I was in the Parachute Regiment living in a tent in Gaza. The post-war Labour government got on with the number one priority of building millions of houses to make up for the absence of building for six years and war damage.

There seems to be no will now to address the need for vast numbers of social housing for those unable to afford to buy.

Bill Heppell, Dringhouses, York

Lib Dems just don’t understand democracy

After talking to Liberal Democrat voters it is quite clear they have a problem with democracy. They appear to think that the vote by 17.4 million people to come out of the EU is dead because we are having a General Election.

My understanding is that we are in a General Election, not a vote on the EU (we have had that).

It seems the Lib Dems are getting the two mixed up, which is not democratic. Getting out of the EU has been decided, the General Election has not.

R S Pearson,

Towthorpe Road, Haxby, York