Top marks to Labour for its green manifesto

The Labour Party is to be applauded for its fantastic Green Manifesto which includes plans to plant two billion trees in Britain by 2040.

On current estimates at least a billion of these will be needed to replace the trees felled by the Liberal Democrats in order to produce the volume of spurious and misleading ‘literature’ currently being splurged across York Outer.

Only Labour has a realistic chance of supplanting the incumbent Tory, yet the Lib Dems’ vain attempts to bamboozle the electorate risk damaging that chance and allowing Julian Sturdy to retain his seat. This merely proves, once again, that the Lib Dems can’t see the wood for the trees.

Edward Mitten,

Disability Labour activist,

Calf Close, Haxby, York

Vote Labour for a return to Winter of Discontent

I was a child of the Seventies with its strikes, rotting rubbish piling up and the dubious delight of the power cuts which we children thought were exciting and fun but were anything but for the parents!

A vote for the Labour Party under Corbyn is a vote to return to the days of the Winter of Discontent with its strikes, gloom and the rise and inevitable fall of the power of the unions.

P Beaumont,

York Road,

Kirk Hammerton

Labour, not the Tories, are to blame for traffic jams

So, Mr Corbyn got stuck in traffic while attempting to join a march and rally in York and Rachael Maskell said it was a result of failed Government and council transport policies (Traffic stops Corbyn going to packed rally, December 2).

History is a wonderful thing. When you look back to the late 1980s and 1990s it was a Labour council from 1982 onwards that should have pushed for the outer ring road to have four lanes and flyovers not two lanes and roundabouts. It was the Labour-controlled council that sold off the properties for the proposed inner ring road.

I’d say to Rachael Maskell, before blaming anybody do your homework and put the blame where it belongs.

P Sadd,

Huntington Road, York

Tory complacency could cost them the election

Conservatives do well to be concerned that voter complacency over their current lead may ultimately cost them the election.

Boris may not be everyone’s perfect cup of tea, but let no one be deceived as to the alternative that we will get. Behind the genial grandpa mask is one of the most hard-Left Labour leaders ever.

An increasing number of voters have no experience of the misery of the socialist governments of the Seventies, when unions had unchecked power and could inflict winters without heat, light, or public transport due to coal, electricity, and rail strikes.

Many first-time voters will not even remember the terrible mess the previous Labour government left the country in.

Anyone lulled into complacency by a seemingly soft socialist Labour party with low poll ratings should be aware that we could easily end up with the most Marxist government that the country has experienced for decades. The middle ground is not a safe place to dither.

M Oliver,

Wetherby Road, Harrogate

You’re right, Keith - the Tories are ruthless

Keith Massey (Letters, November 30) praises Boris Johnson for having been ruthless.

Yes, along with his fellow Conservatives he has been ruthless with the young, the old, the poor, the disabled, the homeless, the jobless, hardworking families, doctors, nurses, police, prison and probation staff, firefighters, teachers, the Windrush generation… the list goes on.

Thank you Keith for reminding us that it’s high time to Get Boris Done and get Boris out.

John Heawood,

Eastward Avenue, York

Lib Dem propaganda leaflets are overkill

Eighty years ago during the so-called ‘Phoney War’ RAF Bomber Command dropped millions of propaganda leaflets on Germany under the code name ‘Nickel’...litter rather than bombs! Many of the aircraft involved operated from Yorkshire bases.

The Lib Dems have been up to something similar as the General Election approaches, certainly in our neck of the woods.

Their ‘paper war’ and ‘blitz on trees’ have reached such a pitch that my interest has diminished which I don’t think was the idea. I can only conclude that this excessive zeal is becoming counter-productive.

The word ‘overkill’ springs to mind. Our letter box is getting tired! Just too much ‘bumph’!

Derek Reed,

Middlethorpe Drive, York