A POPULAR student bar and club in York is preparing to celebrate its 15th birthday.

The Stone Roses bar in Kings Street, York, will turn 15 on tomorrow (Wednesday) and plans to host a special party in celebration.

Assistant manager Aaron Gordon said that the bar has evolved over the nine years he has been working there, from a venue that predominately appealed to the older generation, to one that now attracts students.

He said: “We now have local bands performing three times a week which seems to draw in students from both the universities and we invite professional acts on a Friday to perform that everybody loves.”

The bar has had to battle through several hardships, including this year when it almost faced closure after its application for a licence was rejected.

It subsequently was the subject of a petition to save the venue that racked up nearly 11,000 signatures from people across the city.

Aaron added that the petition was a testament to the fanbase that the bar holds and that it was experiences like that which have kept the bar running for so long.

He added: “You see pubs and bars in York come and go but we have managed to outstay many, probably because of our amazing fan base and the regulars who you see often.

“It creates a community feel that we love and we always try to cater to them”

He added that while the ideas for the anniversary had not yet been confirmed, it would defiantly be a big event to celebrate the occasion.

“I think the best highlight for me throughout my time at the Stone Roses bar was when the band - The Stone Roses - visited a couple of years ago.

“It's always amazing when the band you base something around, whether it be a bar or a shop etc, come to acknowledge the work you have done.

“We have also welcomed some other big acts over the years, as well as the occasional celebrity.

“We welcomed some of the cast from Coronation Street just a few weeks ago.

“We want to thank everyone over the last 15 years that has made the bar what it is and who will continue to do so.”