Children exposed to roadside air pollution could have their lung growth stunted by up to 14 per cent. A study of 13 cities in the UK and Poland found air pollution contributes to a higher chance of heart disease, strokes, heart failure and bronchitis, reported the BBC News on November 25.

So please explain why our council wants to put up a five storey car park in the city centre. The arguments about it bringing people to the city for shopping are not valid: the Askham Bar Park&Ride is very well used over weekends, so Park&Rides do work well.

Businesses that are failing in York need to change their idea of what people want which in today’s times is usually about eating and entertainment. Having a car park close to the city centre is not going to change failing businesses.

If the council provided free bus passes to and from the Park&Rides and spruced them up a bit, this would make them more attractive and then St. George’s Field, which floods every year, could be turned into a green park.

Mrs Lynette Mills,

Fishergate, York