MORE than 600 readers have now given their verdict on York's packed Christmas market - and it may make uncomfortable reading for organisers Make It York.

The Press reported yesterday how shoppers shuffled along the crowded pavement on Parliament Street and faced big queues for Park & Ride buses and several city centre businesses.

We asked readers if they had been to the market and, if so, was it heaven or hell for them?

The vast majority of more than 450 readers who have commented so far on Facebook, Twitter and The Press' website said they really did not like it, with one branding it 'absolute mayhem' and another saying it was a 'nightmare.'

However, a significant minority did spring to the market's defence, praising the 'wonderful atmosphere' and 'great buzz.

One critic said: "The whole thing is nuts..Someone must enjoy it.I didn't,' while another posted: "I went..... but wished I hadn't.... it was truly grim today."

Another reader said:"It was absolutely mental in town today people kept trying to push past us and falling over the pram... so rude,"while another commented: "Truly horrific. No fun in getting stuck in all those crowds today."

Other negative comments included:

"A complete no-no for a wheelchair user. Getting through the crowds is impossible and the cabins aren’t wheelchair accessible."

"Christmas market needs spreading out. It is far too cramped into a small space. It’s not enjoyable at all."

"There was nothing enjoyable about it, if anything it was a little frightening."

"I didn’t enjoy having to make my way through the crowds. I do wish York City Council would spread the Christmas market out over the city. It’s unbearable."

"It was a total disaster, too overcrowded, gave up and came home."

"My husband bravely went shopping with my daughter today,they aborted as was just too busy, couldn’t get into most of the shops, congested pavements."

Some readers suggested a complete re-think about where the market should be located,with a couple suggesting it would be better in the Castle Car Park near Clifford's Tower.

Others said that if it stayed in Parliament Street, a one-way system should be introduced for shoppers.

One posted: "Apparently at Lincoln Xmas market, they have a one-way round system....maybe worth a thought?"

Another tweeted: "You’ve always got to tolerate this as part and parcel of living in York but yesterday was crazy. Took me 10 minutes to get from the HSBC to the Shambles Market. A one way system in the Xmas market would be a start!!"

But some readers insisted that their visit to the market had been a great experience.

One posted: "Had an amazing time in York city centre. Xmas lights and fantastic Xmas fair very busy , giving a wonderful atmosphere," while a second commented: "Well done York... great atmosphere,"and a third said: "It was busy but have to say had a fab time with my son."

Other positive comments included:

"Having been in retail and in York city centre, encouraging people in to the city is much needed.There are so many businesses and services that need this revenue."

"Loved it. Just like it used to be on a Saturday afternoon. Loved the chaos."

"Loved it! What a great buzz."

"Loved it. The market was fantastic, as was the atmosphere."

*The Press will feed readers' views on the market back to Make It York, who run it. Have you given us your views as yet?