I’m Nick Szkiler, a businessman, charity director, family man and a Christian. I’ve lived and worked in North Yorkshire for over 30 years.

My YouTube mini-documentaries on Brexit filmed in York and Malton were my attempt to inform a debate which transcends party loyalties. Though new to politics I plan to earn back public trust in politicians by serving and improving the lives of the people of York.

Two things sum up what I stand for – healing and vision. There’s a palpable sense of unease in our nation. We need capable government, not by career politicians but by people of achievement and experience from outside politics. Doctors, teachers, business people, men and women from a wide spectrum of society who can bring an inspiring vision for Britain’s future, whose word is their bond, both privately and in public service. We’re all tired of broken promises and a broken political system which is ripe for reform.

My mother was Yorkshire born. My Polish father miraculously survived the Holocaust and later joined the Allied Forces. The Nazis never discovered that my grandfather, living as a Catholic was actually a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine. Dad taught me the values of the British: our way of life, the value of our laws and system of democratic government. I’m standing for election in this great city because I want our democratic birthright to be restored. Beyond Brexit, I have a vision for positive social and economic change in York.

The democratic principle of ‘loser consent’ means the losing side accepting the result. Those values and a constitutional framework which kept Britain free from tyranny and oppression are seen elsewhere during Europe’s long history are at stake. This is the most important post-war General Election. December may be cold and gloomy, but in memory of those who came before us and for the sake of our young whose future this decision will shape, this is THE General Election where everyone who cares about the future of Britain and Europe should make their mark and vote with their heart.

Boris Johnson’s ‘deal’ is actually a full-blown treaty, binding in international law, tying us to EU institutions. It is the kind of treaty a nation signs after losing a war. Adopting it would be a betrayal of the 17.4 million who voted for a self-governing Britain, free from EU control, but in close friendship, trade and cooperation with Europe. The majority of both ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ voters are unaware of the treaty’s provisions on free trade, foreign policy, our finances and national security. It is not Brexit and the truth is emerging: www.borisbrexitdeal.com

York citizens deserve representation by someone who understands how things work and can bring practical innovative solutions to the issues of our day like our changing climate, education, our NHS and social services which have suffered from underfunding as demand has increased.

The Brexit Party has many key policies:

Scrapping HS2, investing £100bn in local road and rail schemes.

Investment in free domestic broadband for everyone and free Wi-Fi on all public transport.

Reducing business rates to zero for High Street retailers and leisure operators – a great benefit to York and funded via a small online sales tax, scrapping interest on student loans, investing in the young with a workable apprentice scheme and abolishing Inheritance Tax

The December 12 General Election is a pivotal moment for Britain. If we vote on the same party lines we have previously, why would we expect change?

York voters can take a bold step on December 12 and play their part in changing politics for good.