Why do so many people say they want to - and can - stop the UK’s exit from the EU club?

Three and a half years ago there was a democratic vote, open to all those in the UK who were over the age of 18 at that time. The options were Leave or Remain and we all know where the majority of those who bothered, cast their vote. That should have been it, and no-one should think they have the power to overturn that result.

Now I’m just awaiting the General Election. If the result isn’t to our liking, can we shout loudly that we don’t want that party governing our country and we want another vote? Could that situation be stretched out for well over three years? The same principle of ignoring the will of the majority would apply in both situations.

The way the Brexit malarkey has been (mis)handled is a downright insult to every voter, whichever way they voted - and I would even go so far as to say to those who couldn’t be bothered to vote - because it is making a mockery of our democracy.

Janet Kitchen-Cooper

Ashley Park Road, York

MPs should always listen to their consciences

We need to be cautious in questioning any MPs’ commitment to democracy in the light of his or her response to the Brexit referendum. For the rest of us who voted, the result, whichever way it had gone, did not commit or require us to take any action for which we have to answer. We had voted and the ball was in their court. It is for them as individuals to make decisions that will have a major effect for good or bad on the lives of millions of others.

The referendum vote does not exonerate them as humans from acting in accordance with their conscience, when making such decisions; nor should we expect them to act otherwise. Democracy does not trump conscience.

Maurice Vassie,

Forge Lane, Deighton

Who is the driver and who’s the guard?

The immaculate timing of the rail strike announcement on the day of Mr Corbyn’s vast giveaway of other people’s money leaves one wondering just who is the driver and who is the guard?

Time will tell all!

J Whitmore,

Haxby, York

Lib Dem leaflets make me worried about trees

Having being subjected to Lib Dem leaflets and letters every day since the election was announced, I am concerned at the number of trees used: this can hardly be improving our climate. The Lib Dems must have some rich national donors who can afford to flood us with this amount of literature.

There are only my husband and I who can vote in our house so I dread to think how those with larger households are coping with all this extra literature. My African grey parrot Ellie is loving chewing them up. The maths teachers of those who produce the leaflets would be so upset that their bar charts aren’t even to scale.

I suppose I should be grateful that my Lib Dem deliveries haven’t been posted through my letterbox late at night like in some areas of York Outer.

Melanie Starkey,

Burnholme Avenue, York