I was pleased that Helen Mead raised the point about political leafleting (Loads of leaflets - but no knocks on my door, November 25).

I understood that the Greens stepped aside in the York Outer constituency to avoid taking votes from the Liberal Democrats. How can they, therefore, support the appalling quantity of paper that we are being deluged with? Almost every day we receive at least one item - today we have had three, all Lib Dem. It’s all going into the recycling bin, unread.

This demonstrates their totally cavalier attitude to the waste of paper, while supposedly supporting efforts to reduce climate change. What tonnage of paper will they have wasted in this campaign?

It also shows their disregard for the way they spend public money. Several leaflets have been posted - one day my husband had a personally addressed advert from them as well as one addressed to both of us, involving postage, envelope and the means of printing those items. Many are identical, not telling us anything that they have not already said.

Mrs W Prendergast,

Lime Garth, Upper Poppleton

I wouldn’t trust Corbyn on anything

Helen Webster (Letters, November 25) says she would not trust Boris Johnson on the NHS. Well I would not trust Jeremy Corbyn on anything. Look at his voting record in Parliament. Since 1975 he has opposed any interaction with the EU. He opposed the Lisbon Treaty in 2008 and in 2011 backed a proposed referendum on British withdrawal. He privately wants to leave but is sitting on the fence so he can appeal to all his Labour voters.

Luckily the British public are not fools. They can see he will lead us down the same path Labour took us before. It was Labour’s profligacy which produced the years of austerity. Now the country is getting back on its feet he wants to bankrupt us and tax us all to hardship again.

Wendy Maddocks,

The Village, Osbaldwick, York

Corbyn’s critics have been brainwashed

Mr Welch’s letter (November 16) shows how effective the type of propaganda used by the right wing press is. He doesn’t even know that he now believes anything they tell him. All his comments were just a repeat of anti-Corbyn propaganda printed in hundreds of pages of the Tory press. If a lie is repeated often enough people will believe it.

P Dawson, Fordlands Road, York