So now we know. If Mr Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, we will be offered a referendum choice between a poorly renegotiated Brexit-not-worth-having or remain. Faced with this rigged situation it is highly likely that remain will win. This will serve to humiliate the 17.4 million who dared to go against the remain establishment in the first referendum and turn the nation into an international laughing stock. The country will become increasingly ungovernable which will damage us all (except revolutionary socialists and the far right who thrive on discord and chaos).

David Farnsworth,

Old Orchard, Haxby, York

Tory promises aren’t worth anything

Can the Tories be trusted? Are their promises worth the paper they’re written on?

We were promised we were going to be the powerhouse of the North; we got fracking and little else (they have a ‘moratorium’ on fracking - probably till they’re back in office). We were promised electrification of the Transpennine rail line, cancelled a few weeks after being in office (‘paused’ was the fancy name they gave). Now the promised improvement to the overcrowded York-Scarborough line has been dropped. Promises written on toilet paper would be better; they would give us something useful!

G Brian Ledger, Horseman Close,

Copmanthorpe, York

Lib Dems are left with nowhere to go

I was glad to see Bob Towner’s letter (November 16) challenging Lib Dem election confidence in York Outer. In 2017 they came third, with just over a quarter of Labour’s vote in second. Despite this, they circulated an election leaflet picturing a two horse race between Tories on 37 per cent and Lib Dems on 30 per cent.

Poor Keith Aspden: his leader Jo Swinson has ruled out co-operation with Labour, saying Jeremy Corbyn isn’t fit to be Prime Minister. But on ITV News on November 18, when Robert Peston asked what she would do if the only way to stop Brexit was to support a minority Labour government, she refused to entertain this ‘hypothetical’.

Jo and Keith won’t co-operate with Corbyn, yet as remainers they can hardly support the Brexit Tories. No wonder Jo Swinson is aiming to be Prime Minister straight off. It’s her only way out.

John Heawood,

Eastward Avenue, York