THREE York parents have been handed court fines of up to £660 after York council took action following their children’s poor attendance at school.

York Magistrates heard how City of York Council attempted to engage the parents to give the children education.

In all cases, the parents had failed to provide the schools with acceptable reasons for much of their children’s absence and the schools had therefore marked the absence as unauthorised.

The prosecuted parents had, prior to court, failed to engage with the schools and local authority to support their children’s attendance and had also been issued with a fine.

All three parents were ordered to pay fines ranging between £131 to £660.

Maxine Squire, Assistant Director of Education and Skills at City of York Council, said: “We will always attempt to engage with parents to avoid further loss of a child’s education before we prosecute. This is used as last resort to ensure that children receive the education to which they are entitled.”