I spent the majority of my working life working in the NHS. Like most people in this country, I know the value of having a publicly-funded NHS that treats everyone regardless of wealth.

No matter how much the Tories claim they are not privatising it, the evidence shows that they have been since 2010 - for example, NHS plasma supplies are now owned by a Chinese company.

I am very concerned that there is written evidence (this is not fake news) that Boris Johnson has instructed officials to discuss possible full market access for US products to the NHS.

One of the reasons the EU does not have a trade deal with the US, is the EU’s refusal to allow US companies access to their state utilities such as health care.

When America First Trump says he will offer the UK a ‘great’ trade deal, by definition it means a ‘great’ deal for the US but a poor/bad deal for UK.

I am afraid that we cannot believe anything Boris Johnson promises. The NHS is not safe in his hands

Helen Webster, Main Street, Fulford, York

Not a great record on housing delivery, Keith

Having been a councillor up until May and witnessed the level of focus on affordable housing from the previous Lib Dem-Conservative administration, I’m not surprised to learn that Cllr Michael Pavlovic has uncovered that £1.2 million earmarked for building new affordable homes in York has had to be returned to the Government due to it being unspent.

The only affordable homes delivered under the Lib Dem-Tory Coalition were funded and commissioned by the previous Labour Council prior to May 2015.

Any housing scheme is years in the planning which is why years spent not focusing on delivering new housing has proved so costly.

It’s hardly a record to inspire confidence. So it disturbs me greatly that council leader Keith Aspden, is now seeking the public’s support to represent York in Parliament.

Tina Funnell,

Upper Price Street, York

Didn’t the Greens lose their deposit last time?

The Green Party leaflet pushed through my letter box recently displays a bar chart and the statement: “It’s between Greens or Labour in York Central based on results from the last local elections.” Those were local election results. The last general election in 2017 showed a very different result - it was between Labour and the Conservatives. I believe I am correct in saying that the Green Party lost their deposit!

Mary Morton,

Hob Moor Drive, Holgate, York

Labour’s promise to bankrupt the country

A synopsis of Labour’s election manifesto reads “We promise to bankrupt the country within twelve months by borrowing vast amounts of money, increasing taxation to unprecedented levels, purloining everybody’s savings and pensions, and nationalising whatever union barons demand. When everything has gone belly up then blame the Tories.”

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby

Have politicians never heard of ‘thrift’?

Watching preening political leaders trying to outbid each other as to how much taxpayers’ money they will spend if they ever gain power, it occurs to me: have any of them ever thought of the word ‘thrift’?

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close, Dunnington, York