TWO burglars who fled from police at more than 100 mph in a stolen car are today serving a total of nearly 10 years between them.

Nathan Terence Robert Adams, 27, was at the wheel of the Audi TT that was written off at the end of the high speed pursuit along the Outer Ring Road and through Huntington.

He went on to commit a catalogue of crime in York including raiding a house in order to get another high powered vehicle and biting a woman’s face, York Crown Court heard.

“His life was out of control. He was drinking very heavily,” said Adams’ solicitor Neal Kutte.

Front seat passenger Jordan Lawrence Ellerby, 24, later took part in a raid on commercial premises where a Land Rover was used to smash through gates to steal motorbikes, York Crown Court heard.

Adams, of Knotto Bottom Way, Northallerton, was jailed for five years and nine months in prison and will be banned from driving for four years after he is released.

Ellerby, of no fixed address, admitted taking a vehicle without consent and commercial burglary and is now serving three years and eight months. He will be banned from driving for 12 months after he is released.

For him, Victoria Smith-Swain said his mental health had declined since he was locked up.

Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, told York Crown Court the Audi was stolen in a house raid in Dringhouses just before midnight on December 1 and at 1.14 am the same night, police spotted it on Ridgeway, Acomb.

They followed it onto the A1237 where Adams accelerated up to 100 mph and went into the wrong lane on a blind summit. He went round two roundabouts the wrong way, sped at 60 mph through a 20mph zone in Huntington. Both men leapt out and the car rolled unattended into a parked car.

Just after midnight on May 17, Adams and another man burgled an Acomb house where a £32,000 Golf GTI was parked outside. In the kitchen, they took its keys under the eyes of the householder, who pursued them outside to the car.

Adams told his accomplice to “use his knife” and offered to give the keys back for £1,000 before both left without the car.

Police Investigator and burglary co-ordinator Dave Pegg said: “Adams had the shock of his life when he walked into the kitchen of the property in Beckfield Lane and came across the homeowner who is built like ‘The Rock’ and who gave chase dressed in just his boxer shorts.

"The homeowner lost sight of both Adams and his accomplice but on return to his property, caught them trying to get into his Golf and managed to chase them away once again.”

Traffic policeman Mark Patterson, said of the Dringhouses raid and subsequent pursuit: “No-one was hurt in this case but the trauma of knowing someone has been in your house whilst your children are asleep upstairs can’t be underestimated – the impact of burglary is devastating and long lasting for victims.

“The sentence passed today reflects the seriousness of their crimes, showing absolutely no regard to the victims whose car they had stolen and the risk Adams placed other road users in, by driving so irresponsibly and dangerously that night to evade police.

“I hope that this outcome will provide some comfort to their victims in the knowledge that they are now behind bars for a long period of time.”

Nathan Adams' crimes against a former girlfriend

In addition to burglary and driving an stolen Audi TT dangerously, Adams also committed a string of offences against his former girlfriend, York Crown Court heard.

Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, said Adams defied a restraining order on June 21 by going to her street, where he smashed her phone causing £400 damage.

He then got into her house, despite her reminding him of the restraining order.

Inside, he smashed her television causing £300 damage and bit her face before leaving.

As police searched for him, he phoned and texted her with messages including "You wait until night. When it gets dark, both houses are getting done".

He was referring to her house and that of her close girlfriend, said Mr Abrahams.

Adams first threatened to vandalise the friend's car and then did so causing £150 damage.

He also stole eight times from Acomb shops between May 5 to June 10.

Adams admitted eight thefts, two breaches of the restraining order, two criminal damage charges, causing actual bodily harm, burglary and taking the Audi without consent.

The restraining order was made lifelong.

Mr Abrahams said the girlfriend ended her relationship with Adams in February because of his jealous and controlling behaviour and that when she saw him in the street, he grabbed the phone to see who she had been contacting.