WELL, this is a street in serious need of a bit of TLC.

The street in question is, of course, Patrick Pool: and the date was August 31, 1957. “Two half timbered houses in Patrick Pool are to be restored,” reads the caption to this photograph, which we discovered in The Press’ electronic archive. “One of the shortest streets in the city, Patrick Pool was in existence in the early 13th century.”

It looks it, from the state of the building at the end of the street (centre of picture). Much of the plaster has peeled off, leaving gaping holes and glimpses of what look like wattle and daub (perhaps an expert could confirm this?).

Whoever did the restoration made a good job of it. The building today is in the best of health, and houses the Pivni bar. The church to the right is now the St Sampson’s Centre, whilst the building on the far left is today the York Camera Mart. Shambles Market, then as now, can be glimpsed at the end of the street...

Stephen Lewis