Do Ed Lott and his co-signatories (Letters, November 7) believe the health of children at Park Grove School is more important than the health of children attending Haxby Road School or St Wilfrids?

Blocking off essential traffic arteries through the Groves will not solve congestion. It will just shift the misery elsewhere and make the overall situation far worse. Mr Lott and his friends might enjoy a new tranquility but at what cost to others?

Penley’s Grove Street and Lowther Street have been principal routes through the Groves since the area was first developed. To call them rat runs is disingenuous: a tactic no doubt intended to demonise the route and anyone who uses it, in order that people who chose to live on a street with busy through traffic can have their home changed to a quiet cul-de-sac.

There has been no consultation over the proposed road closures and no consideration of alternative solutions. Nothing should be done until there has been a wholesale review of the entire traffic system in the city. The consequences of the Groves road closures without additional changes to improve traffic flow will be a disaster

Matthew Laverack,

Lord Mayors Walk, York