From previous experience it is clear that the Christmas Market will attract many thousand additional visitors to York.

Anticipating this, consideration has rightly been given by City of York Council and Make It York etc to increase security measures around the city centre that reduce the risk and consequences terrorist actions. The risk control measures have included the installation of barriers to prevent vehicle access.

However, the installation of these barriers has significantly reduced the space available around them for the free movement of people and, as such, the barriers will become pinch points. In attempting to control the risk from terrorists a new risk of people being crushed by crowds around the barrier areas has been created, with the elderly, mobility-restricted and children the most vulnerable. I suggest that the likelihood of injury from being crushed far exceeds the likelihood of a terrorist attack and that the unintended consequences have not been rigorously considered. I am happy to be proved wrong.

Ray Price, St Denys Court, York