Al Murray, Landlord of Hope and Glory, Grand Opera House, York

PUB Landlord Al Murray couldn’t have timed his new tour more perfectly: what better material could he have asked for than Brexit?

And boy did he milk it for every last drop (of lager, of course) during his two-hour sell-out show in York last night.

First up was his Brexit song which comprised of several verses echoing the chant of ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ and culminating with the ridiculous announcement that ‘no hair is better than bad hair’.

Murray is outstanding at working his crowd, weaving them into his act with sharp and seemingly effortless ease.

The cue this time around was that Brexit Britain was up the proverbial creek without a paddle and needed a “crew” to steer it back on course. Murray was confident he’d find some Vikings in York. Instead he reeled in a comedy crew comprising of a horticulturist (“you mean a gardener” said Murray with a man-of-the-people smirk), two ex-cops and even a prospective parliamentary candidate.

Fans would have recognised repetition when Murray slipped male audience members a tenner each and sent them to the bar so he could crack on with their female partners. But it was still hilarious to watch as he produced a bottle of wine for the “ladies” from behind his on-stage bar.

There was more smutty, Carry-On style antics and Les Dawson gurning before he finished with another song – this time about his other specialist topic: the war.

The crowd clapped along before Murray called time. A good night was had by all.