A WOMAN who turns 81 on the day of the General Election launched a new movement for social and political change in York city centre on Saturday.

Whilst political parties were out in York, campaigning ahead of polling day, Jo Fox, from Foxwood in York launched a new movement that she believes will help change society for the good.

Jo spent most of Saturday speaking to local residents in St Helen’s Square about her Unite to Change campaign adding that her manifesto seeks to create a more collective change.

She said: “Long term planning is impossible because politicians have to focus on short term political gains to win an election.

“The system divides the nation, as parties emphasise their differences, not the important matters which should unite them to serve the people and national interest.

“All elected representatives should be involved in government, working together for a society based on co-operation, compassion and community."

Jo says the new system needs to provide for people to be able to participate in taking responsibility for their own lives, to be involved in decision making, to develop their potential and work with others to create the environment they require to improve the quality of life in their homes, schools, workplaces, and surroundings, in harmony with society and the world around them. Providing a basis for true democracy.

“We also need to change our Parliamentary representation to a democratic one, where all elected members are allowed to represent their constituents by working, not in government and opposition, but together for the benefit of the people, with long term aims rather than short term gains.

Providing stability and quality of life, and by using the sociocratic model, based on Quaker principles, we could at last have a democracy to be proud of, rather than a sham.

“If 20 per cent of the parliamentary members stood for re-election each year, we could have consistency in government, and the possibility of long-term planning.”

She added that her first campaign was a great success, and that she will continue to hold meetings to build a following for her ideas.