Council leader should step aside for campaign

I support Conservative group leader Paul Doughty’s social media call for the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for York Outer to stand down as council leader for the campaign period.

Aside from the time issue of doing both jobs, representation conflicts matter. There is a profound conflict of interest with the council leader likely to use his role to further his election chances.

For fairness all he needs to do is to hand over to the council’s deputy leader Cllr D’Agorne or his group’s deputy leader Cllr Ann Hook.

Siân Wiseman,

Shilton Garth Close,

Earswick, York

Looking at the facts on race for York Outer

Who does he think he is kidding? Keith Aspden has put out a leaflet in York Outer claiming that it will be ‘a close battle between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives’ to win this seat.

He clearly ignores (under-standably) the results of the 2017 General Election when the Lib Dems scraped just 10 per cent of the vote compared with the Conservatives on 51 per cent and Labour on 37 per cent.

Don’t let me confuse the electors with the facts!

Bob Towner,

Hobgate, York

TV debates should let Remain voice be heard

The BBC and ITV have decided to limit their TV debates to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. This is a democratic disgrace. They have selected two candidates for Prime Minister who represent two versions of Brexit. The millions of Remain voters do not have a voice on those debate stages.

Johnson and Corbyn must debate Jo Swinson – the leader of the biggest party fighting to stop Brexit. The Liberal Democrats have had a greater impact on Brexit in the last three years than Jeremy Corbyn, and we are the party that can win dozens of seats from the Conservatives in this General Election - including York Outer.

Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats will continue to shape the future of this country. Voters deserve to see her vision for the future of the UK in the EU in contrast to the two Leave options of Labour and the Tories. This isn’t a two party race and Brexit isn’t an issue that can be brushed under the carpet.

Dr Derek Wann,

Chair, York Liberal Democrats,

Bowland Way, Clifton Without, York

Vote for what you believe in, not a PM by proxy

You the people must now choose who to vote for and I’d like to ask you to consider a few things before deciding.

On choosing tactically to avoid splitting the vote: that’s what an election is about, splitting votes to determine who is genuinely the most popular candidate. Holding an election without splitting the vote is the kind of thing FIFA does.

Who are you really voting for? The main parties will say: Vote Tory you get Boris, Labour you get Corbyn.

Every leaflet will state that your choice is a proxy for the next PM, but I disagree.

Look at the election history of the two seats in York, this is not the key battleground where the government is decided. Consider that when making your choice and ask yourself, do you want an MP to represent you in Parliament or do you want an MP who will represent their party leaders’ flexible policies?

Do you wish to vote for the best representative on offer or an £80,000 PA proxy for the least bad government?

Above all please vote for what you believe in, don’t waste a right that so many others don’t have.

Dr Scott Marmion,

Independent pro-Brexit candidate for York Outer,

Woodthorpe, York

It is the Corbynistas who are brainwashed

I wish to respond to your correspondent (Letters, November 14) who asks; ‘are people basing this opinion on what they know or have they been brainwashed by anti-Corbyn propaganda?’

We are most certainly basing it on what we know.

Anybody of a certain age will know that Corbyn has spent all of his adult life condemning the West, America, capitalism and Great Britain.

In his youth his idea of a holiday was touring the communist utopia that was East Germany. Latterly, he has been giving support and succour to the likes of the IRA and Hamas, as well as the socialists who have dragged countries, such as Venezuela and

Cuba into penury.

It is known that he is backed by a coterie of Marxists and ex-Communist Party members. Anyone thinking he is fit be Prime Minister are the ones who have been brainwashed.

Philip Welch, St Michael’s Court, Sutton-on-Derwent, York

Let’s just get out of the EU and move on

For the first time in three and half years I have to agree with Christian Vassie ( Letters, November 12 ): we should stop banging our heads against a brick wall.

Where we differ is that I say let’s just get out of the EU and we can then get on with the rest of our lives and not have to listen to any comments from both sides of the referendum.

It was interesting to see he has also changed tack by now referring to the 63 per cent of the electorate who didn’t vote to leave. I would just like to explain to him that not everybody wants to vote in elections or referendums as they don’t mind which way the decision goes.

So results are decided on those who do vote. Take his own ward of Wheldrake for example. He was elected as their councillor with only 14 per cent of the vote. This means that 86 per cent didn’t want him to represent then but due to the way our system works he was the elected councillor. This is how democracy works.

Mel Burley,

Albion Avenue, York

A fond farewell to Frank: a politician with integrity

Frank Dobson, the Dunnington born, York educated MP for more than 35 years and ex-Cabinet Member, was a politician with strong virtues not witnessed in many of his successors - honesty and integrity.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby