A COUPLE has brought their popular Yoga company - originally based in London - to York.

Victoria Chan and Oliver Milroy have opened Hotpod Yoga in Stamford Bridge Road, Dunnington, because of their love for the city.

Hotpod Yoga was founded in 2013 with a series of classes in London.

Victoria said that huge demand for the sessions soon led to purple pods popping up all over the globe with over 50 locations across eight countries.

The couple added that they have devoted the last few months to develop the space - which opened last month.

“We decided to set up our HPY Studio in York because we love the vibe here – especially the smell of chocolate in the air as you walk through the city”, they said.

The inflatable pod is heated to 37-degrees – matching core body temperature. Paired with a humidifier, the climate in the pod allows you to breathe deeper, stretch further and sweat harder.

The ambient lighting, heady aromas and atmospheric soundscapes clear a busy mind and transport you a million miles away from the everyday.

“There are many benefits to the practice including; better sleep, improved focus, stress relief, increased mobility, cardiovascular strength and even anti-ageing effects,” said Victoria.

Victoria, who originally trained to become a Yoga Teacher, said: “I attended regularly as a Hotpod customer in Nottingham for years and have been hooked ever since”.

Oliver, meanwhile, moved away from his London lifestyle after suffering a tear to his bicep tendon during gymnastics training. He began working as a Personal Trainer in Sheffield and was introduced to Yoga when the couple started dating.

He said: "I couldn’t touch my toes when I first tried yoga.

"The more I learnt about it, the more in tune with my body I became.

“Yoga has really helped me with the other forms of training I do like CrossFit and running - not to mention the huge improvement in mobility during the rehabilitation of my injury.”

The duo added that they have already made an impact on the community by collaborating with local businesses, such as My Reset Massage Therapy in York as well as Cardamom & Dill for special events.

Classes are open to all levels from complete beginners to long-term yoga goers.