James Acaster, Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, Grand Opera House, York

BREAKDOWNS, breakups, Bake Off, Brexit and Mr Bean were just some of the ingredients in TV comic-of-the-moment James Acaster’s packed-out show at York’s Grand Opera House last night.

Without an introduction, Acaster strutted across the stage in sunglasses, his gangly frame and cool swagger reminiscent of Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, and promptly started swearing and slagging-off the audience and York.

“I’m attracting a demographic I hate,” sneered the comic, to a ripple of laughter.

If the audience was unsure of Acaster’s line of attack, he was undeterred and locked on with Exocet precision to the subject of the moment, calling for a second referendum, and later labelling Leavers racists.

York voted Remain, so you do wonder if he misjudged the crowd, who politely absorbed Acaster’s fury at all things Brexit.

The comic stayed on stage for more than two and a half hours – including during the 20-minute interval, refusing to engage with a fan who brought him an ice-cream (which later became the focus of a hilarious and impromptu encore).

Acaster was at his best when he became creative in his comedy: talking about his love of the moon and an ingenious skit where he reveals how he broke-up with his agent - but telling the story from the agent’s point of view.

There’s also some highly amusing - and honest - stories about his breakdown while filming Bake Off; his girlfriend leaving him for Rowan Atkinson (giving him one of the best lines of the night: ‘my girlfriend left me for Mr Bean’, and how he eventually split from his 'bad' therapist.

Acaster has been billed as one of our best comics and judging by last night’s show you can see why.

Maxine Gordon