NEW barriers installed across the city centre to protect people during the festive season have provoked shock from some readers - while others have praised City of York Council and the police for taking action to keep shoppers safe.

The council says the new blocks - which have been put in at St Helen’s Square, Coney Street, Parliament Street and at other locations - will make York “the safest it’s ever been”.

The measures are temporary and expected to be removed after the festive season - but there are plans for more permanent barriers to be installed in the future.

Readers took to our Facebook page to have their say:

Steph Seaman said: "The congestion is a nightmare for us residents. But I do understand we need new safety measures."

Emily Willby said: "People travel for hours to come to enjoy the city. To know that safety measures have been introduced can only be a good thing. Maybe a nice idea to spray paint them all different colours though to make them blend in a bit more!"

Claire Kenny said: "There’ll always be someone who isn’t happy, unfortunately this is the world we live in and I think it’s money well spent!"

John Jones commented: "This is what is needed to avert and reduce the chance of a vehicle based attack. Their placement there has obviously been decided by our security services who have access to the current terrorist threat. I’m more than happy they are there."

Mel Hesp said: "A few trees would have been better and also for the environment."

Dave Manson added: "Totally get their purpose and sadly, they’re relevant, but they’re an eyesore."

Andrew Malcolm-Neale added: "Common sight elsewhere but hideous and scary. Much better to just pedestrianise inside the wall."