NEW bollards are set to be installed to stop people driving through a gateway in the city walls - after the existing barriers broke.

The measures will be installed at Victoria Bar and will mean only residents, cyclists and emergency services will be able to drive through the archway.

Rising bollards were first installed in 2002 - and a council report says they have successfully stopped motorists from using the Bishophill area as a ‘rat run’.

But one of the barriers has broken and the other is likely to stop working soon.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, executive member for transport, is set to consider a range of options for the historic Bar at a council meeting on Thursday.

The route could be shut completely - and trees planted, pavements widened and benches installed - meaning only cyclists and pedestrians could pass through.

This scheme would cost about £200,000, take a year to install and include excavation work around the ancient monument.

Other options include making the Bar one way access only.

But council officers have recommended updating the current situation - with two moving bollards that allow residents to drive through - because it was the most popular choice with residents.

A report adds: “Eighty-three per cent of consultation responses were in favour of retaining two-way access for residents, cyclists and emergency services only.

“It will be the quickest to implement as there are less groundworks and legal processes to carry out than the other options.

“This solution has been in place for 17 years and has proven to be an effective and safe configuration.”

The work is set to cost about £100,000.

The report adds: “By restricting access, ‘rat running’ is prevented.

“This has a positive impact on pedestrian and cycle safety, air quality as well as improving the public amenity of the area.”