I AM pleased that Cllr Fiona Fitzpatrick, Rachael Maskell and the Shambles market traders have written a joint letter to Make It York querying its decision to ban access to Shambles market until 8pm some days (The Press, November 13). Cllr Fitzpatrick expressed her dismay at the lack of flexibility. So how come Make it York can exercise such power over the centre of our city?

In answer to a query, I was told: “Make it York is a company limited by shares wholly owned by the Council... In addition, the Council enters into a contract with Make It York in respect of particular services. This contract is reviewed from time to time through the council’s executive function.” So maybe we should be approaching York Council on this issue? The one who pays the piper calls the tune.

Tina Anderson, Garden Street, York

How can they bar traders leaving before 8pm?

What are the people at Make it York thinking of, preventing traders at Shambles Market leaving before 8pm?

How many road traffic accidents involving exhausted stallholders will it take before they realise not everyone has as cushy a job as they do?

Ann Holt,

Portland Street, York