What a shock seeing anti-terrorist barriers surrounding our York streets. Why, when allegedly we have been downgraded to a safer level? Instead of these extreme measures, we need more police who are visible on our streets and everyone to be streetwise and focused on keeping our York safe from terrorists. And that needs intelligence sharing from the ‘coal face’ to the common but vigìlant people of York, and transparency from our council and government.

Phil Shepherdson,

Woodthorpe, York

Please tell us these barriers aren’t permanent

Please will someone from the council tell us that the hideous barriers just erected in our beautiful St Helen’s Square are not permanent? The square is a gem in a beautiful city and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is now disfigured. I have heard many passers-by express similar views.

Lynne King,

Gillygate, York

Editor’s note: we have been assured the the barriers are not permanent, although permanent barriers are to be installed next year