Don't worry, this isn't an invading Scottish army determined to secure a foothold in York before England leaves Europe and Scotland leaves us.

These Pipers from the Royal Scots Greys Black Watch were simply in York to take part in a military tattoo. And it was way back in 1955, long before the UK had joined the old European common market, let alone decided to leave again.

The photograph is quite timely for all that. This year marks the 125th anniversary of the St Andrew Society: an association of Scots who live in York but who like to get together to celebrate their shared heritage. Their next big occasion will be a St Andrew's Day dinner to celebrate the Society's 125th birthday.

As to the burning question of whether Scotland should become independent... The Society is not political, stresses member Frank Paterson. But they did have a fun debate on the topic. "And the 'no's definitely won!"

Stephen Lewis