DOUBTS have been raised about the practicality of delivering affordable homes on land near Askham Bog - as a public inquiry into the scheme continues.

Developers Barwood want to build more than 500 houses on land off Moor Lane, next to the bog.

The site lies within the Green Belt - but the developer says the scheme should go ahead because there is a "housing crisis" in York and that the city needs more affordable homes.

A resident speaking at the inquiry said she has concerns over whether affordable homes would be built - saying that on other sites in York the cost of preparing the land drives down the proportion of affordable houses.

Cllr Stephen Fenton told the planning inspector the site is not included in the Local Plan, which outlines how many homes can be created and where across the city.

Janis Grant, who lives on Moor Lane and is a Labour party member, said: "How much would the level of affordable housing be reduced and what ongoing service charges would be faced by new residents to maintain the infrastructure?

"There is, among Moor Lane residents and the wider community, enormous support, interest and pride in Askham Bog.

"There is incomprehension locally about why development at this site could be permitted."

Dringhouses and Woodthorpe councillor Stephen Fenton also spoke at the hearing, saying: "Administrations of all political colours in York have worked to develop a Local Plan, the current iteration of which I hope will be adopted very soon.

"York is in dire need of more housing, particularly affordable housing, which makes it all the more important to get the Local Plan approved."

David Manley, speaking for the developer at the opening session, said: "The 35 per cent affordable homes contribution is five per cent above the figure normally asked for by this authority and is of particular value.

"Two Local Plans in York have failed to pass through the examination in public stage. Many allocations have substantial objections against them." The inquiry continues.