Matthew Laverack’s letter ‘New developments out of scale with the city’ (The Press, November 11) struck a chord with me and, I dare say, with many others who have noticed the height and scale ‘mission creep’ on the York skyline.

This nibbling away at the city perspective is worrying.

By a process of subtle edging skywards the York silhouette is changing and often not for the better.

York champion Mr Laverack is an experienced and perceptive professional who regularly puts his finger on adverse decisions and developments that blight or threaten the York skyscape, urban environment or its visual integrity.

I have no such credentials but, York born and bred, share his misgivings.

Despite the rules and regulations will this kind of encroachment become the new norm regardless of what people and groups with genuine concern for this city think?

Where will it stop? Is it all down to money?

Derek Reed,

Middlethorpe Drive, York