The Lib Dems’ Keith would make a fine MP

As a young person who has lived in York for 18 years, I am delighted to see Keith Aspden has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate in York Outer. I believe the council leader could go on to do even better for our city if given the opportunity.

Our constituency is so diverse, from rural villages to a university campus. People of multitudinous and unique roots come together to make our city a thriving, beautiful place and I feel privileged to have been able to call it home.

Despite this, I feel let down by consecutive governments that have seen York’s schools suffer from cuts; per-pupil funding in York is still one of the worst in the country. Although I have now finished in full-time education, it is vital that no child’s potential should in anyway be squandered due to the Tory Government’s inept approach to our city’s services.

It’s interesting to see Julian Sturdy’s strong Brexit message in a constituency that voted, as a majority, to remain. I feel privileged that the Liberal Democrats are putting so much into York Outer. They have chosen a candidate that, no matter their stance on Brexit, will represent the people of York with the uttermost integrity.

Theo Lockett,

Acaster Lane,

Bishopthorpe, York

Labour’s Rachael has worked tirelessly for York

Tom Franklin, the Green Party candidate for York Central, told The Press that we must have a Member of Parliament ‘who will put York, the environment, and the people first’ (General Election 2019: York candidates revealed, November 8). Since May 2015, the people of York Central have been represented by Rachael Maskell, Yorkshire’s hardest-working MP. Rachael has a 100 per cent record of voting to support action to stop climate change, voted against triggering Article 50, continues to oppose Brexit, has worked tirelessly to improve our city, and has always put the interests of local people first.

So why exactly are Mr Franklin and the Green Party campaigning against her?

James Flinders, Pound Lane, York

Messy democracy, or Socialist ‘utopia’?

It is becoming apparent that the forthcoming general election presents the nation with the starkest choice for a generation - something bigger then Brexit. Do we vote to retain our messy democracy where we think for ourselves, make mistakes but most things work most of the time or a socialist utopia, where all the thinking is done for us, mistakes cannot be reported and eventually nothing works - ever.

David Farnsworth,

Old Orchard, Haxby, York

I’ll vote against enemy of our armed forces

Sadly nobody today votes positively, they vote against rather than for candidates.

Trump won because more people disliked the dreadful Clintons than disliked him. Many loudly dislike Boris and I understand that but at least he has tried hard to honour the referendum and is still doing so. As for Mr Corbyn, friend to the IRA, PLO, Cuba and Venezuela’s dictators, I can find no redeeming feature.

I shall vote against the enemy of our armed forces and veterans. No prize for who that might be.

John Zimnoch,

Osbaldwick, York

Green zealots are just hypocrites

The ‘green’ zealots are comical, bleating about global warming. Many of them have central heating boilers which is up there with polluting vehicle exhaust fumes. Hypocrites.

Thomas Strong,

Foxwood Lane, Acomb, York

Let’s go British with parties’ battlebuses

I was wondering just what vehicles the political parties were going to use as their battlebuses this year? In previous elections the coaches used were built on the continent. Why not Britain? What’s so wrong with our vehicles?

To be precise - Plaxton coaches, the only British coach and bus builder remaining in Britain today. They can stand alongside any of the world’s vehicles. So come on you lot. You say you back Britain. Well start by using good British-built coaches.

Mick Horsman,

Moorland Road, York