Make It York, whose sole shareholder is City of York Council, seems to be devoid of humanity in the way it has treated its Shambles Market traders (Traders may shut over market access dispute, November 11).

The traders have co-operated, offering several alternatives, including a staggered system of packing up up to prevent congestion. This has been ignored.

The market traders pay the council to earn their living all year round, as do all people licensed by the council taxi trade, who also deserve to be treated far better by the city council than they are being at present.

The statement that it would not be safe to allow vehicles to access Shambles Market before 8pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during the Christmas market is just plain laughable.

These people are council-licensed, responsible human beings who are very familiar with York’s road layout system.

Perhaps we ought not to be surprised at this season of no goodwill coming from Make It York who earlier this year ruthlessly showed four senior staff the door.

Peter Boulton,

Orchard Gardens, York