Make It York has decreed that market traders cannot enter Shambles Market until 8pm three days a week, making it difficult if not impossible for the stall-holders to operate their businesses (Traders may shut over market access dispute, November 11).

Why? Simply because this organisation wishes to maximise its revenue by renting makeshift Christmas huts to retailers for huge rents ... to attract tourists.

What about the local traders who stand in York market - and have done for hundreds of years - in blazing sun, driving rain and freezing snow?

Interfering with a person’s right to earn a living is a very serious step to take. We need to protest.

Tina Anderson,

Garden Street, York

Council is putting the tourists first - yet again

Once again the city of York will forsake the needs of the local community for those of the tourist by not allowing reasonable access for the Shambles market traders twixt now and Christmas.

John Cocker,

Huntsmans Lane,

Stamford Bridge

Good to see the annual garden shed sale

It’s nice to see the annual garden shed sale has returned to York’s Parliament Street.

D M Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate, York