WITH dismay we read yet again in The Press (Moves to stop rat run traffic, October 30) of the plan by the city council’s transport committee, led by Cllr Andy D’Agorne of the Green Party, to close more roads in The Groves to improve air quality.

Can they not understand that in an already congested area this would not only cause more problems there but transfer greater problems to other areas, solving nothing?

York really does need all its roads to be kept open to keep traffic flowing.

I do feel some of our councillors put their own obsessions about motor vehicles first, irrespective of what is best for the common good – Cllr Pete Kilbane’s earlier plan to close one lane for cyclists only on Ouse Bridge being a case in point.

We’ve all experienced the joy of a being a motorist when traffic lights are not working and you go through major bottlenecks with everyone giving way and moving along with such ease and with no pollution.

All the experimental trials of road closures inevitably become permanent but if they really want to improve York traffic problems why not an experimental traffic lights closure for a change ?

I live in hope but in reality know they will never be so brave as to try.

Peter Boulton,

Orchard Gardens, York