NEVER mind a probe into the height of York’s new aparthotel; how about an inquiry into the excessive height of all the massive new developments allowed in recent years which are clearly out of scale with this ancient city?

Those of us who have had planning officers quibbling over a few inches of extra height on a modest house or domestic extension are continually dismayed to see mega student blocks, huge hotels and multi-storey apartments approved that are clearly out of place and tower over all that is around them.

When the late Eric Pearson was City Planning Officer one of his senior officers said to me “in a place like York nothing much over five storeys should be allowed”. He was right. The ever-increasing demand for more height is now manifest on peripheral sites and even inner suburbs. Just look at the buildings on Lawrence Street and the proposals for Heworth Green gasworks. They are just not compatible with the traditional architectural scale of this city.

Matthew Laverack,

Lord Mayors Walk, York