A CHARITY’S work to support local cancer care, research and education has received a welcome boost from a new firm.

Scott Anscomb and Liz Murdie, founders of MAPIO Financial Ltd in Colliergate, decided to give £50 to York Against Cancer every time a customer is recommended and goes on to take out a mortgage or insurance product with them. The charity will also receive £50 if someone mentions they are connected with York Against Cancer while taking out a product, while the person making the recommendation will receive £50 in vouchers.

Liz, managing director of MAPIO - Mortgages and Protection In One, said: “People think serious illness will never happen to them or their family, but it can, and if someone has financial worries on top of the devastating news of cancer or another critical illness it can be too much to bear. People readily take out insurance for their pets, but if they don’t protect themselves they don’t realise the impact it can have on the other people around them.

“Someone has to take them to their appointments, take the kids to school, and their partner’s employer may not be sympathetic. Having the reassurance that money is available from an insurance policy can help take the financial strain away.”

Cover could also secure medical help for individuals and their families, which could be crucial for rare illnesses or treatments not available in this country. And it could ease financial concerns for families faced with the loss of a loved one.

Liz and Scott kick-started their venture with a £500 donation to York Against Cancer.

Scott said his other business, Your Move Anscombs, had supported the charity for years and he felt it was an ideal fit to benefit from MAPIO’s work.

“I think cancer touches so many of us and York Against Cancer is local –and we like local. The big cancer charities are great, but we wanted to help people in York who are coping with cancer.”

Julie Russell, general manager of York Against Cancer, said: “I think this idea sits very well with our work, because we want people to have less stress. When cancer strikes money is massively important. We are really grateful that Scott and Liz have thought of us in this way.”