CHILDREN from Selby are being recognised for their poetic ability after they were invited to write about Selby Abbey as part of the 950th anniversary.

In January 2019, as part of the Selby Children’s Literature Festival, festival director, Christina Gabbitas, invited children from the Selby District to write a poem about the Abbey to celebrate the milestone.

Christina decided to submit the poetry book into the People's Book Prize, which has now been accepted.

Christina said: "This has been a wonderful initiative that has encouraged so many children to research the wonderfully historic Selby Abbey.

"I'm very proud of the children and schools in the local area for encouraging their children to take part."

Poets featuring in the book are: Kieran Brigham, Maci Dews, Blake Chambers, Millie Bradley, Olivia Brown, Rebekah Kingsley, Lucas Parker, Enya Bickerdyke, Junior Woods, Vinny Wrigglesworth, Sophie Winter, Rose Walden, Neve Bentley, Kacey L Miller, Sophia Robinson, Charlie Anderson, Kadie kettlewell, Olivia Eastwood, Laura Rose Arkless Mckiew and Amanda Laurisonyte.

The book has also been published by Poems & Pictures Publishing.

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