THE Green Party candidate for York Outer has announced that he will step aside in a bid to help the Liberal Democrat candidate, Keith Aspden, secure the parliamentary seat.

Lars Kramm said he will not stand in the upcoming General Election on December 12, as part of a series of electoral arrangements with the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru.

The party believe that stepping aside will ensure that the Remain vote on 12 December is unified with Liberal Democrat candidate, Keith Aspden and that the Tory candidate Julian Sturdy is not successful in the constituency.

Lars Kramm said:“ With mixed feelings, I just informed our members that I will not be standing as the Green party candidate in the York Outer constituency for the upcoming General Election. Unfortunately as part of the national arrangements, York Outer is one of the handfuls of seats where the Green Party is asked to stand aside.

"The results from our local member consultation clearly showed that the overwhelming majority in both constituencies are in favour of an agreement if it both increases the likelihood of us getting more Green MPs elected across the country and reduces the number of leave supporting Tories likely to be elected.

"I do believe that these arrangements are good for local people and good for the country. However, I also want to make clear that this does not mean we agree with Plaid Cymru or the Lib Dems on all issues or endorse their Manifestos.

"This is the right thing to do for York and we all agree, that York Outer needs a better MP than Julian Sturdy, one that helps to avoid a deeply damaging Brexit and does not just follow Boris Johnson’s party line. Greens are willing to work with other parties for the common good and locally, we have already shown this and made the offer not to bid for the York Outer seat in a general election - if the Liberal Democrats and Labour agree to throw support behind a single candidate. The national arrangements direct us into stepping aside anyway for the good of the country."