A BUSINESSMAN with 18 points on his driving licence has lodged an appeal against his six-month driving ban.

But Ali Akar, 28, has failed to get the ban suspended pending his appeal.

The fast food outlet owner, of Gowthorpe, Selby, pleaded guilty to charges of driving whilst disqualified on March 24 and March 28 in Gowthorpe, driving without insurance on each occasion, and of driving without insurance in Union Lane, Selby, on May 10, 2018.

Because he was given 18 penalty points for the offences, he was banned for six months under the totting up procedure.

The next day he applied to a different bench of York magistrates saying the ban should be suspended pending his appeal to the crown court. But the magistrates refused and he remains unable to drive legally.

He had earlier failed to convince the magistrates that banned him that a ban would cause him exceptional hardship.

And he had failed to convince a third bench that there were special reasons why he should not get points for his offences.

A date for his appeal hearing at York Crown Court has yet to be confirmed.