TWO campaigners have bemoaned the “snail pace inaction” of the council - after they claim no action has yet been taken on a petition to cut the speed limit on a road in York.

Strensall ward Cllr Paul Doughty and campaigner Sian Wiseman said that the petition on behalf of residents in Towthorpe - which requests a reduction of the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph in Towthorpe Road - was first presented at a full council meeting back in March.

Speaking at a decision session to the Executive Member of Transport, Cllr Doughty said: “I presented a petition on behalf of residents in Towthorpe at a council meeting back in March to request a reduction of the speed limit from 60 mph to 40mph, past homes within the built part of Towthorpe Road, which has several sharp bends. It staggers me to find that this petition has literally sat on a desk at the council for seven months without any action or investigation into the safety concerns highlighted.”

“I highlighted that the number of homes in Towthorpe has almost doubled in recent years with the conversion of several former barn buildings and developments built in gardens of existing properties. Several of the properties have no pavement outside and residents, whether on foot, bicycle or vehicle have to edge into a 60mph road with extremely poor lines of sight. This issue also affects the vehicles that may be travelling at 60mph towards them. It is a serious accident waiting to happen.

“A reduction to 40mph would be consistent with Strensall Road where Towthorpe meets the crossroads at Strensall.”

The council's assistant director for transport, James Gilchrist, said: “It was agreed at the decision session to investigate this request for a change to the speed limit at this location. Limits are set based on existing traffic speeds combined with the road’s characteristics. This road has been added to our work programme. Separately, we have a speed management process where the speed and accident record for a location is reviewed in partnership with North Yorkshire Police and the Fire and Rescue Service. We review the accident records of roads, and progress a local safety scheme to improve safety.”